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How We Started

Michael & Anthony (Both A&P/IA’s) started a flight school (US Flight C0) in 2020. The school quickly became a success and before the end of 2022. US Flight Co had three locations and 7 aircraft. All the aircraft in the fleet where equipped with 4 cylinder Lycoming engines. Michael & Anthony quickly became experts of the 4 cylinder Lycoming engine. They overhauled their own engines for the flight school and came to the conclusion they should offer the same top notch overhauls to the public.

DSM Overhauls was born, and although they officially started in 2022. They’ve been overhauling and working on Lycoming engines since 2013! Through their experience they learned what works and what doesn’t work. It’s not uncommon for their flight school engines to reach 3500 hours before needing an overhaul. 

From Michael (C0-Founder DSM Overhauls) “When you do something over and over again you become good at it. Since 2011 Anthony and I have been involved in piston aircraft maintenance in one way or another. I cannot count the number of Lycoming engines we’ve worked on. My only regret is that we didn’t start DSM Overhauls sooner. We look forward to being the #1 Lycoming overhaul shop in the United States. The only way that’s going to happen is by earning the business of our customers. We look forward to providing unapparelled service and quality to all our Lycoming engine customers.”


Michael Sawyer: Michael started his maintenance career in 2009 working on UH-60 and Bell 206 helicopters at FT. Rucker, AL. He quickly found out he wanted a more personal experience with aviation and landed an A&P mechanic position with a small FBO in Northeast Iowa (Connell Aviation). 

He later moved closer to his home town of Des Moines and started working at Winterset Aviation with the mission to purchase the FBO. A few years later he did just that. He later sold this FBO to Anthony Fowler (Co-Founder DSM Overhauls). Michael then moved to Denver, Colorado and opened another maintenance facility (Phalanx Aviation) at the Longmont Airport. 

After welcoming his first child into the world. Michael and his family moved back to the Des Moines, IA area to raise their family. Today, Michael resides in Des Moines and is an integral part of the DSM Overhaul Team. 

Anthony Fowler: Anthony started his aircraft maintenance career working for a Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, NE. He held the position of avionics technician and helped install various avionics systems into corporate jet aircraft. Looking for something more personal as well Anthony landed an A&P mechanic position at Oracle Aviation in Omaha, NE. It wasn’t long after when Anthony and his now wife wanted to move closer to home. That’s when they packed up and moved to Des Monies, IA. 

Anthony started working with Michael at Winterset Aviation, and eventually purchased the company. While operating Winterset Aviation Anthony learned the in’s and out’s of operating an aircraft maintenance facility. He became knowledge with Lycoming engines through working on customers aircraft as well as his own flight school aircraft. 

Today Anthony resides in the Des Moines area with his family. He owns and operates US Flight Co. Through the ownership of this flight school DSM Overhauls has been able to tap into Real life experiences that have become unevaluable to DSM Overhauls. Anthony and his flight school bring a level of real life experience to DSM Overhaul’s that is hard to find.